Restoration, French Polishing & Upholstery

Regardless of how old a piece of furniture is, a successful restoration job is one in which an observer cannot see that any restoration work has been carried out in the first place. Repairs need to be subtle and blend in with the existing wooden surround.

Sometimes there might be a cupboard door that’s missing or a damaged piece of carving that needs to be repaired. Through careful selection of wood, colour staining and distressing, the repair will seamlessly blend in and that’s where the real satisfaction from restoration comes.

We work with the customer to ensure that their requirements are met and we also advise when they are unsure about what can be done. We can work to a fixed budget and we always ensure the customer gets maximum value for money and is delighted with the finished result.

Here at Smiths Vintage Furniture, we provide free quotes and estimates to both domestic and commercial customers.

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